Goony Bird Chime
His Head Bobs! :-)

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updated 7/24/2014

Summer 2014
Monday - Friday 10 - 5
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 11 - 4
2104 N Willis Blvd.
Portland, OR 97217
Just one half block west
of the 'World Famous'
Paul Bunyan

Phone: 503.285.5339
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Spring is Here!

The sun is shining, the bamboo is getting ready to shoot and it’s a perfect time to plant your new bamboo screen. We have both running and clumping varieties, from ground covers to timber size plants. Want to block an ugly view? Bamboo is the ideal solution – a green growing sight and sound barrier that will mesmerize you as it sways in the breeze. Grab your coffee at Posies or Cup and Saucer, then come browse through our demonstration garden and bamboo nursery to see why our booth at the recent Yard, Garden and Patio Show was voted "Best in Show"