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Tam Vong, also known as Iron Bamboo, is one of the strongest varieties of the bamboo family. Tam Vong, or Dendrocalmus Strictus, has an extremely thick cell wall, making for an almost solid cane which also reduces cracking and splitting. Tam Vong poles are extremely durable and are great for fencing and other outdoor projects. Because it’s strength, it can be used for load bearing applications.

2" Diameter Tam Vong Pole

  • Bamboo is a natural material with natural variations. Every pole is unique and will vary in color, diameter, and straightness. We do our best to offer the highest quality bamboo available; variations are a natural occurrence and not a product defect. We measure pole diameter from the base end, all poles will taper somewhat towards the top end and the amount varies from pole to pole. All measurements are approximate, industry standard averages.


    All bamboo poles are subject to splitting and cracking. We do our best to ship bamboo poles that are not cracked, however bamboo can develop cracks during shipping or storage due to changes on weather and climate. We recommend that poles used for exterior projects be coated with a wood sealing product to reduce cracking and maintain appearance.

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